Tipp: Dyke March 2018 @ Linz

Servus an alle :)!
Wir laden hiermit herzlich zum 1. Linzer Dykemarch ein. Diese Demo findet traditionell einen Tag vor der großen Pride statt um nochmal speziell auf die Sichtbarkeit von sich als lesbisch, bi, pan definierend Frauen*, die (auch) Frauen* lieben, hinzuweisen.
Wir treffen uns am 29. Juni in der Hosi Linz (Schillerstraße 49) um dann gemeinsam zum AEC Platz zu marschieren, wo wir den Abend gemütlich gemeinsam ausklingen lassen.
Wir freuen uns auf euch 🙂 ! Let’s March, Dykes*!
Für die Community, Szene und unsere Sichtbarkeit in dieser. Wir sind viele, wir sind divers – wir begehren und lieben Frauen*! Schreiben wir unser eigene Geschichte 🙂
Euer DykeMarch Team
Simone, Alice, Nina, Andrea, Hanna

Hello everyone!
First Dyke March in Linz! Originally Dyke Marches appeared in the US and aimed for two goal: to promote more visibility of self-identified womyn loving womyn and their perspectives in both the LGBTI+/Q community and in society as a whole. The worldwide structural discrimination of womyn appears in our community too, as it is often dominated by gay white men.
Our team includes two bisexual women, one pansexual woman* and two lesbians who aim to write herstory with you! 🙂 Traditionally, Dyke Marches are held in the evening before the official pride – which will be the 29th of June 2018 in Linz. A demonstration through the city will be organised. Starting at the HOSI (Schillerstraße 49) we will march through Landstraße to the Ars Electronica Centre, where we can enjoy the rest of evening together.
We would love for our supporters and allies to meet us in front of the HOSI or the AEC for the speeches and to cheer us on from the sidewalks! 🙂
We are looking forward to meeting you!

If your are interested in more information you can join our email service by sending a message to: dykemarchlinz@gmx.at